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No longer was there any power to the radio,clock, or cd player. The fuse in the side panel(fuse box 20 amp)is good & there is power in to the fuse.

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I took the dash apart, & tried a different radio that someone was selling & still no power. I lost two hours of my life troubleshoot (one hour and fifty minutes because I'm an amateur mechanic), but to whoever posted that "10 amp" minifuze comment above, you were dead on.

Chilton's General Motors <strong>Buick</strong>, Oldsmobile, Pontiac FWD 1985-05.

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I have the factory service manual & it talks about 3 fuses but says nothing about where to find them. Thanks, Tim answered 4 years ago Way to go America. plugging and unplugging TWO stereos, I did indeed pull the rear seat. The owner's manual say nothing about a fuze that controls the input TO the radio, other than the one mounted on the left side of the dashboard. You saved me the embarrassement of looking my son in the eye and teling him I screwed up his car worse than when I started.

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In the fuze box closest to the battery, there are indeed close to a dozen small fuzes, NONE of which say "radio". So I started pulling the red 10 amp fuzes and lo and behold, BINGO. If you consult the owner's manual, that fuze in question MAY (I don't have the manual in front of me) be marked as "I/P or simply IP".

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