APC Symmetra LX 16kVA Scalable to 16kVA N+1 Rack-mount,

Engineered to deliver the hhest level of business continuity possible, the Symmetra LX uses a modular, redundant architecture that can scale power and run-time as demand increases or when hher levels of availability are required.

APC Symmetra LX 8kVA N+1 Power Array Cabinet - SYAF8KR

The APC Symmetra LX SYA16K16P and other Symmetra TM LX systems are available both in free standing towers and rack mount versions: 8 k VA Mini Frame, rack mount SYA16K16RMP and extended run versions SYA16K16PXR.

<strong>APC</strong> <strong>Symmetra</strong> LX 8kVA N+1 Power Array Cabinet - SYAF8KR

APC SYPM4KP Symmetra LX 4kVA Power Module. -

The APC Symmetra LX SYA16K16P is a free standing tower with options for hard wiring or with confurable PDUs.

InfraStruXure 80kW

Symmetra LX 16k VA, SYA16K16P, is a hh-performance, uninterruptible power array system, desned for large-scale loads.

Apc symmetra lx user manual:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates