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I don't have any specific recipes, but I do have a few bread mixes, so I'll probably start with them. *Valerie --I finally got around to trying the Breadman. However, near the end of the bake cycle, I got an error message E02 -- which means that you are supposed to let the machine heat up to room temperature before starting.

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You should check out Breadman's web site to see if they have a way to contact them for a new manual. I didn't see anything specifiy about the 600, so I can't tell you how b your loaf pan is, but you may want to assume 1 pound (smallest size) and see whether the finished loaf of bread fills the pan. All you have to add is water and the bread is really flavorful and bakes up just fine.

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I need some help as I have never had a bread machine and don't know how to use this one. *Well, turns out I have a Breadman Ultimate and not the 600.

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*A friend gave me a Breadman Plus (TR-600) breadmachine. The bgest things you need to know is what size loaf your pan will make and the order the ingredients get added to the pan. This is actually our second bread machine; first was a Welbilt but we had to replace it after the motor gave out.

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