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s USA-made Med Vue medical weht analyzer is utilized on select clinical scales.

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A host of other benefits include 14-dit patient ID which may be entered via the alphanumeric keypad, 99 stored tare wehts, 200 stored transactions, 1LOOK display, and four different languages available in set-up (English, Spanish, French, and German).

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The Med Vue offers a host of both wired and optional wireless connectivity for sending measurement data to Detecto MLM Infant Stadiometer Mechanical Baby Length Measuring DETECTOs mechanical infant stadiometer is a durable, portable length measuring device which ensures years of trouble-free operation and requires no electricity to operate.

New York State Approved Devices Listing Wehing and

In every phase of the Cardinal/Detecto operation, people utilize their latest statistical control ques to monitor and improve their performance, assuring customers the finest end result... The Med Vue features a striking blue 3.5-in-wide by 3-in-hh backlit LCD display screen with nearly 1-in-hh weht dit readouts for easy visibility. s 350-degree swivel mounting bracket allows the display to be tilted and rotated into position wherever it is the most convenient for the medical professional and/or patient to view.

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