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IIusb/ It works as a mixer, I have the dirvers installed and the mixing application installed.

MkII Manual for Windows -

The unit is fairly complex, my guess is that is where I am getting lost.

Mk3 Hybrid <i>Manual</i> for Windows

Motu 828 MK2 Clock Blinking Problem - YouTube

4 busses, 8 ins, 8 outs, even when I have the drivers installed, I have a choice of WDM and ASIO each with several confurations.

Pre User Guide For Mac - MOTU - VIA Lab

I have had my 828 mkii USB for a few months now and have never gotten it to work properly. a quick search on google should reveal if there are any. The only thing that I have found is an IRQ conflict with USB devices, I think that I have fixed that. Do you have one of the newer mk III models that has USB 2.0 and firewire? After that, it's just a matter of telling whatever DAW or your computer to use that particular device.

Motu 828 mkii manual pc:

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