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Your scanner stops when it finds a snal, and starts scanning again about 2 seconds after the snal ends. Enter the channel number you want to store a frequency in. If you do not have a reference to frequencies in your area, or if you want to search for unlisted frequencies, use a limit search or direct search. MOVING A FREQUENCY FROM A MONITOR MEMORY TO A CHANNEL A monitor memory is a temporary storage area.

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This two-second delay gives you a chance to hear a reply to the first snal. Note: If you want to listen to a weak or distant station, turn SQUELCH counterclockwise. STORING FREQUENCIES Follow these steps to store frequencies into channels. See also "A Guide to the Action Bands" in this manual. You can move a frequency stored in a monitor memory to a permanent channel.

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At this point, the scanner automatiy starts scanning channels. PGM appears on the display to indicate the scanner is in the programming mode. SEARCHING FOR AND TEMPORARILY STORING ACTIVE FREQUENCIES Good references for active frequencies are Radio Shacks "Police Radio Guide Including Fire and Emergency Services," "Aeronautical Frequency Directory," and Maritime Frequency Directory." We update these directories every year, so be sure to get a current copy. LISTENING TO MONITOR MEMORIES Once you have stored frequencies using a direct or limit search, you can listen to monitor memories by pressing MANUAL, MONITOR, and then the number for the monitor memory you want to listen to. Enter the number for the channel you want to store the monitor frequency in.

Radio Shack Pro 23 Scanner Manual -

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