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I checked the oil and noticed that it was a little bit low (maybe half a cm below the lower threshold on the dip stick).

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Then changed oil with 5w-30 synthetic, have been driving it for about 500 miles now and the cold knock seems to be getting worse and I can faintly smell burning oil when it is idling as I let it warm up before driving off. Oil lht doesn't stay on a bit too long on cold starts? I had a mysterious one, day after an oil change on startup sounded like a valve knock, It on some days was incredibly bad, but always went away after a bit. @mnhockeydude Want some fun and a chance to impress the nehbors?

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By the time I get to work the knock is essentially gone. My question is, should I be explaining to my wife and fisy responsible self, that I need to be looking for a new (read used) truck sooner than I had initially planned? Spend $10 to $20 and purchase an automotive stethoscope and carefully probe different engine components.

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Last month I noticed a slht cold knock on the rht side of the engine that would go away when the engine warmed up.

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