I have a CCD Barcode Scanner TypeFG-8100

Download this Document https://easeofaccess.scanning.datalogic.com/public/marketlit/Send.aspx? file=R44-2816A (Page 30 / 33) and scan following barcodes: START, USB Keyboard, END.

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The above software didn't work for me personally (even after finding the code to compile from a link under "blueprints").

Barcode reader setup manual Setup procedures are as follows

The ideal end-user fix shouldn't prevent other devices from using the usbhid driver.

With some more googling I found an alternative available here --asifanwar98 If your QS6500 is not detected as a USB device then you have to confure the Interface Selection first to "USB Keyboard".

Acan ccd barcode reader fg 8100 manual:

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