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ASUS Eee PC 9h normally delivered with “Asus Super Hybrid Engine” software. Profiles = 30,166,0,1000MHz – Low; 39,166,0,1300MHz – Medium; 48,166,1,1600MHz – Maximum; 51,176,1,1700MHz – Turbo Low; 54,176,1,1800MHz – Turbo Hh; Speed. Profiles = Lowest,13; Low,25; Medium,35; Brht,70; Ultra brht,100; [States] Fan. Speed=[Settings] ; ; List of modules allowed to save their state. Save = Fan; ; ; List of modules to add to system menu. ; See the table above for the list of available modules. ; FSB is the real FSB frequency (70MHz stock, 100MHz max), not the rated one which is ; this value multiplied by four, or the CPU one, which is this value multiplied by nine. ; Voltage is CPU voltage flag, 0 for Low, 1 for Normal.

Eee PC User's Manual Windows XP Edition Eee PC 901

If you change the frequency from 70 to 100 MHz and settings contain also 80 ; and 95MHz, first the frequency will be changed to 80, then to 95 and only then to 100MHz. You may set it to 9 to see the CPU speed in the tray instead of the FSB one. ; C_Temp_Off(used in Automatic mode) is temperature(Celsius) when this profile should be deactivated. ; Value is the backlht brhtness intensity(0-100). Profiles = Lowest,13; Low,25; Medium,35; Brht,70; Ultra brht,100; [States] Fan. Speed= Before you run the eeectl.exe, make sure to turn off the Asus Super Hybrid Engine since these two software will not run together.

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The Asus Super Hybrid Engine works really great for most of Eee PC user, but some user simply want more possibility to overclock their Eee PC. Keys = aw esc, Core._quit; aw down, Speed._down; aw up, Speed._up; aw f3, Backlht._down; aw f4, Backlht._up; aw 0, Fan._auto; aw 3, Fan.30; aw 5, Fan.50; aw 7, Fan.70; Core. ; Color is 24-bit hex value in BGR format, FFFF00 by default. ; Name is just what to show in the menu(”Suspend” is the special profile to set before entering sleep mode).

Asus eee pc 901 xp service manual

Fortunately there is another tool to boost your Asus Eee PC into turbo mode. ; You may omit Name in case you want to hide profile from the menu, however it will still be used as an ; intermediate value.

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