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Choose the restore option next to the backup you want restore from.

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Once connected verify –User name pass changed to current password set in lastpass Mail flowing to device (check in/out queue to see if mail is coming in)Verify domain is set under “Domains” then “Domain manager” ( Next go to exchange manager (EMC)Go to “Toolbox” then “Queue Viewer”If you see any queues status is not at ready set rht click on it and choose “retry”Wait for a few minutes and then go back to barracuda spam/firewallgo to “basic” then “Dashboard” and take note of the “In/Out Queue Size”hit refresh (F5) and verify the numbers are going down.

IBM Security QRadar DSM Confuration Guide

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If the numbers are staying same you may need to go back to EMC queue viewer and choose to retry queue again.

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To verify backups go to the bottom of page under “Restore backups”Make sure the selection is set to “SMB” and click browse.(note if you do not see your backup your looking for you may want to choose the option to show all backups)you should see the backup you just saved to location Once verified go to old barracuda spam/firewall go to “Basic” then “IP Confuration”Change ip address of old barracuda spam/firewall to “” and save.

Barracuda web filter manual pdf:

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