Dentron Clipperton L linear Modification for 160m resource detail

) I endorsed the check and forwarded it to the shipper. This isn't the first time they have demonstrated their total lack of common sense. GI-7B Tube Sockets - I build these sockets for the Russian GI-7B.

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Tony lost his battle with cancer Sunday, February 8th, 2009. This site will remain up and running as a memorial for an indefinite time. Dale, WA4DSY Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes - Eimac's very informative book all about power grid tubes. Click on the link to "Care and Feeding" on the left Margin of their page. Then Fed Ex RETURNED the wet package to me, in my packing, NEVER OPENED! Then I received a check in the mail from Fed Ex for an amount LESS than I paid (this should have gone to the shipper that filed the claim, not me!

<em>Dentron</em> <em>Clipperton</em> L linear Modification for 160m resource detail

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It is with great sadness I have to report that my friend Tony King, W4ZT, formerly WA4UPE and author of this web site, has gone SK. I heard that this was caused by someone using an Oxygen/Acetylene torch to cut a hole or enlarge a hole in the base of the tower. The shipper sent me a new component via USPS Priority Mail with no problem.

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Communications Commission (FCC) Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - Universal Licensing System (ULS) - Renew your license FREE in minutes on line (vanity license renewal does require a fee), do license search, file modifications, address changes and vanity applications. Resolution: They wouldn't take a claim from me but after talking with their customer service I insisted on something to prove I ed them. When the shipper ed them, they wouldn't take the claim!

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