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Reprogramming occurs in response to manual or automatic setting of a switch, without physiy removing or replacing the EAPROM.1.

Patent US5053797 - System for updating software in automatic film.

An automatic film processor having control circuitry including a microprocessor and an electriy alterable programmable read-only memory (EAPROM) with a stored main program for control of the processor, has an auxiliary read-only memory (ROM) containing a bootstrap program including instructions for...

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The present invention relates to automatic processors of film and similar photosensitive media, in general; and, in particular, to a system for updating processor control circuitry software by downloading software from an external source by means of reprogramming an on-board programmable read-only memory without removal thereof.

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In apparatus for the automatic processing of exposed photosensitive media, said apparatus having means for automatiy transporting said media from a feed point along a path through developer, fixer, wash and dryer stations and control circuitry including a microprocessor and a programmable read-only memory associated with said microprocessor to provide stored program information thereto for controlling said processor operations, a method of updating said stored program information without removal of said programmable read-only memory, comprising the steps of:switching said control circuitry from a normal mode in which said microprocessor is connected to receive program information from said programmable read-only memory, to a programming mode in which said microprocessor is connected to receive program information from an auxiliary read-only memory; andreprogramming said programmable read-only memory by said microprocessor acting in response to program information from said auxiliary read-only memory using address and data information obtained from an external source.

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