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Use the wire to help measure where to cut the excess off. Once all the wires, capacitors and resistors are in place, grab the Teensy board and slot it in. If you were to try to slot it in now you'd notice the corner hits the teensy board, so we're going to fix this! you're mini USB cable and plug it into the teensy board, then plug the USB into you're PC's 2.0 USB slot. Plug in you're sidewinder into the new coverter that you've made.

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 USB Free Driver

so that means you should be able to do this too no sweat, rht?

Download instruction <i>manuals</i> for our <i>precision</i>

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Ise Now grab the Capacitors and Resistors, and a random wire from the wire kit. This is what ive done, as ive got 2 cats that love jumping up on my desk, and i dont want BBQ Feline for dinner.

Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro USB - Device Driver

Wish that horrid Serial port would either Still exist on you're modern PC..... You want to plug in the wires exactly as you see them.

Microsoft sidewinder precision pro owners manual:

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