Manual de Instrucciones para Dictáfono y Grabadora Roland

That way when someone who may or may not know the answer finally sees this post you will save a step. But I'm trying to lay down some tracks, drum, 2 guitars and bass. I currently have no mic's for use with my recordings so I'm having to go direct into the 840GX.

Roland Dital Studio Workstation

Ok do you guys take kindly to recording newbies I've managed to get my hands on a Roland VS-840GX Dital 8 track recorder.

<strong>VS-840</strong> <strong>ROLAND</strong> by moizes. - YouTube

VS-840 ROLAND by moizes. - YouTube

Is anyone out there familiar with this or any of the VS studios?

Roland Vs Recorders eBay

It'd probably be best for ya if you actually post the question in as much detail as possible. this is probably a pretty easy question for those that have worked with this hardware before.

Roland vs- 840gx manual:

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