How Do I Set a Casio Module 4756 Watch? eHow

Check the position of the second hand.• The second hand home position is correct if it ispointing at 12 o’clock.• If the second hand is not pointing at 12 o’clock, itmeans that its home position is off.

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Press B to advance to hour and minute hand homeposition adjustment.• If current hour and minute hand alnment is correct,they will both move to 12 o’clock.4.

<i>Casio</i> Waveceptor <i>Manual</i> 4772 - tiocebehar.files.

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If this happens,press A to move the second hand clockwise in onesecondsteps, until it points at 12 o’clock.• Holding down A for more than two seconds causesthe hands to move at hh speed.


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