Yn Advancement - Navpers 15560D Navy Military Personnel Manual

The first class exam is geared towards a person ready to take the next step and pick up that EWS/PPWS qual card and get started. I've gone through the trouble of getting it from the CNET's website, although I'm sure he's seen this list before.

NAVPERS 15560 - Naval Military Personnel Manual; Articles 1300.

MMN1 BIBs for March 2010 advancement exam: Occupational References The 1st class exam tends focus more on paperwork, evals, leadership, and (of course) uniform regulations.

NAVPERS <i>15560</i> <i>Naval</i> <i>Military</i> <i>Personnel</i> <i>Manual</i>

Naval military personnel manual - US Navy NAVADMIN Library

Here you will find tips for advancements, Fleet Marine Force and lots of stuff about Hospital Corpsman.


When I picked up 2nd, I remember there were a lot of plant operations for multiple platforms, and seemingly random questions. I recommend you start there, which will lead you to the link above.

Naval military personnel manual 15560:

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