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The major tube manufacturers published cal manuals describing the characteristics of their various products.

<em>RCA</em> Air-Cooled <em>Transmitting</em> <em>Tubes</em> TT-3 -


The goal is to put a substantial number in one place and that is all. Eimac 1955 catalog (includes class-C calculations, prices, ratings, diathermy notes, pulse notes, measurements, replacement cross reference, vacuum capacitors, HR connectors, KY21 grid controlled mercury rectifier, 4X150 tube extractor, 100 ionization gauge, finger stock, and HV-1 diff pump)8.80 Mb Raytheon special purpose tube characteristics (subniniature, hearing aid, reliable, rugged, transistors, crystal diodes, nucleonic, voltage regulator, recitifier, transmitting, magnetron, klystron.

Vacuum Tube Manual RCA TT-5 1962 Free Download.

For the purposes of this discussion, I've concentrated on "receiving" tube manuals only, as these are the tubes that are found in radios and audio amplifiers.

Rca transmitting tube manual pdf:

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