Vacuum Tube Manual RCA TT-5 1962 Free Download.

Use this if you just want a sheet for a particular tube. The index is alphanumerical, that is, the order is "1, 10, 11, 12...19, 1A, 1B...1Z...2, 20, 21..".

RCA RC-30 Receiving Tube Manual -

Says "scaned by N7HRU") 1392.80 Kb RCA HB-3 tube manual (partial, indexed by tube number to individual PDF file for each type.

Ultimate Vacuum <strong>Tubes</strong> Valves Audio Radio Reference Books.


For the purposes of this discussion, I've concentrated on "receiving" tube manuals only, as these are the tubes that are found in radios and audio amplifiers.

RCA Guide for Transmitting Tubes 1942

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Rca transmitting tube manual pdf:

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