I need an owner's manual for my current model Savage firearm.

Good International will shoot every bit as well as an Anschutz of much lesser age. III in County competition with a hh degree of success in the late 1990s. III has a fully floating barrel, but the main consideration with these is the aluminium hanger to which the fore-end is fixed. III will perform as well as any if the hanger is in perfect trim. V rifles have the fore-end woodwork affixed to the underside of the barrel on an alloy runner.

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However, master these aspects and you will not be disappointed. This is not to denegrate the rifles, which are still admirable in almost every respect; simply to warn that great care is needed to achieve the best results of which these rifles are capable - and they surely are.

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One mht suspect that this did not help very much, particularly at a time when Anschutz and their contemporaries were snificantly updating their rifles aesthetiy as well as y.

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There was a time when Anschutz actions were being re-barrelled with BSA International barrels by top level small-bore shooters!

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