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When talking to local suzuki dealer the chassis code also comes back to a 16V vehicle. i have tags on my slide show of EU car, and Santana. (my page is no where accurate for 33 , not at all, nor will it ever be) post yours. and all can be decoded, its all in the EPC, every code. if you dont post this data there will be bad advice and wrong parts ordered. here is 1 tag fully broken down off my ID page read body tag E13 Escudo the EPC is weak on market 13 but I see SQ413-L and Vs. and is radiy different than used on other .

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Https:// From ORF-Tracker... The EFI sction of the FSM for the 1989 to 1996 8V Vitaras . The 2.0L V-6 (H20A) and Immobilizer manual as well! If anyone has new links for addition, finds old / dead / duplicated links exist, or has any other input that would improve this thread..(or PM me or Mod Bex) your thoughts.

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Suzuki Car Parts Catalog Online Store UAE based parts, diagrams and some FACTORY part numbers displayed. (from ORF-Tracker) Part Numbers, diagrams and more: section of my Vitara FSM, this manual will be suitable for all the 91 to 95 8V models but doesn't include any US specific information like the EGR temperature sensor or scan tool data. Buscar ficheros More manuals for the vitara 1986-96 Same site, first link: service & repair manual (not so good) the second link: cal magazine repair manual (in spanish) (not so good) fourth & last link: ibid, in spanish Suzuki Samurai Sidekick 86 to 96 in English Service manual for the Suzuki Vitara-Santana Suzuki Samurai Sidekick del 86 al 96 en ingls Manual de servicio para el Suzuki Vitara / Santana I've attempted to smooth out this thread by consolidating the many scattered posts, eliminating dead links and removing any "fluff" comments in order to better have this section serve as a reference library.

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