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We recommend A-Rated boilers, meaning they convert over 90% of their fuel into heat compared with just 55% for old type boilers – money-saving and environmentally-friendly, the perfect combination!

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They include Air Pressure Switches , Auto Air Vents, Diverter Valves, Actuator Motors, Central Heating Pumps, Gas Valves, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Sensors, Heat Exchangers, NTC Thermistors, Pressure Relief Valves (PRV), Safety Valves , Condensing Pumps, Flow Units, Flow and Return Valves, Pressure Gauges, Time Clocks, Micro Switches, Cleaning Brushes, Filling Loops, Manifolds, Diaphragms, Thermostats, Filling Keys, Gaskets, Code Plugs, Expansion Vessels, Wiring Harnesses, Electrodes, Controls Knobs, Burners, Injectors, Flues, Pipes, Venturi, Washers, Clips, Seals, O Rings, Cartridges, Non Return Valves, Fuses, Potentiometers, Springs, Insulation Panels, Water Pressure Switches, Siphons, Condensate Traps and many more.

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Diverter valve can pass down heating pipe when in hot water, giving poor hot water, requires new valve or service kit inside valve Earlier plate heat exchangers can pinhole internally, causing mains pressure to go into central heating resulting in 3bar pressure on gauge and discharge from PRV Also check expansion vessel diaphragm has not perished Synchron faulty in diverter valve, it is possible to change just the motor rather than the complete diverter valve, check to see if the valve is motoring from A to B, and then operate the manual lever at the bottom, if the valve holds open once manually operated, suspect the motor Confirm the correct PCB has been fitted, there are several versions, mainly one to fit those boilers with on/off switch, and one without the on/off switch.

Worcester 240 rsf boiler manual:

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