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We hope that this YAMAHA STAGEPAS 600I user guide will be useful to you. This reverb lets you simulate the acoustics of different performance environments, such as concert halls and small clubs, and add warm, natural ambience to your vocals or instrument performance. Check that the speaker cable is not scratched and is connected properly to the mixer, then reapply the power.

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If only the L (MONO) jack is used, the snals from the L and R channels are mixed and output. Or, for channels 9/10, are both phone and stereo mini jacks connected at the same time?

<strong>STAGEPAS</strong> <strong>600i</strong> - <strong>STAGEPAS</strong> 400i/ <strong>600i</strong> - <strong>Yamaha</strong> - France

Owner’s Manual 1 Press down the REVERB switch to. -

Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual YAMAHA STAGEPAS 600I. ] ZC58000 EN PORTABLE PA SYSTEM Connecting microphones, instruments, and audio devices to the mixer Applying Reverb The STAGEPAS 600i features a built-in reverb processor that is in the same league as our famed SPX effect processor series. Is There may be a short in the speaker cable or the connection may be faulty.

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Lastmanuals help download the user guide YAMAHA STAGEPAS 600I. 5 MONITOR OUT jacks These are for connection to a powered speaker for monitoring purposes, and output a mix of the snals from channels 1 to 9/10. The above warning is located on the bottom of the mixer. …… channels 7/8, are both phone and For RCA-pin jacks connected at the same time?

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