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As it went through the years, the Volkswagen Jetta remained a twin of the Golf (aka Rabbit in the states prior to 1985) under the skin.

Vw Volkswagen Passat Factory Service Manual 1994-2005 Online.

This engine filled the chasm between the boring 115-horse I4 and the energetic but pricey 2.8-liter V6 that debuted in 1993.

How to Change or Flush Transmission Fluid MKIV, <em>Jetta</em>, Golf GTI.

How to Change or Flush Transmission Fluid MKIV, Jetta, Golf GTI.

In one deft stroke (OK, maybe it was more than a single stroke) of the desner's pen, an econobox was transformed into a stylish, formal sedan.

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Back when it debuted in 1980, the Volkswagen Jetta was essentially a four-door Rabbit with a trunk instead of a hatchback.

2002 vw jetta 1.8t repair manual:

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