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An impulse from the brain causes the arm and hand to stop when the finger reaches the proper position.

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It was the standard-issue side arm from 1911 to 1985, and it still is carried by some US forces. Army says in its Field Manual 3-23.35: Combat Training With Pistols M9 AND M11 (June,2003), about pointing and aiming: "Everyone has the ability to point at an object.

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"When the eyes are shifted to a new object or feature, the finger, hand, and arm also shift to this point.

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Due to the desn of the 1911 a user does not have the option of using the P&S shooting method in which the index finger is placed along the side of the gun, pointed at a target, and the trger pulled with the middle finger. "When a soldier points, he instinctively points at the feature on the object on which his eyes are focused.

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