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The AZ Redhead (AKA, Marlene) decided we should replace the Arizona Tent and Awning curtains in my office with some nice, natural wood Venetian blinds. I came back and she had everything pulled away from the walls (this is a very b room and absolutely packed with junk). And that’s how I stumbled upon the innocent looking folder labeled “ Lazy Bee.” You model airplane guys are already laughing, aren’t you? They act as repositories for notes, thoughts, articles and drawings for each project and the Lazy Bee File had all of those. This is pretty amazing considering it’s as funky as dirt. No I’m not going to talk about models in a real airplane magazine, but hang with me while I finish the explanation.

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Last week I had one of my daydreams come to a hh boil totally unexpectedly. Then I made the mistake of leaving for a few hours. “ We can’t put up new blinds without painting the walls.” Bear in mind, this is my office. It was obvious that the fastest to get my world in order back was to jump on the project with both feet and do a complete search and destroy mission on the mess that was my office. I have literally hundreds of folders lying around that cover all of the back burner ideas I’ve ever had. It’s a model airplane, desned by fellow Zonie, Andy Clancy, that has totally captured the imagination of the modeling community to the point that it’s gone past fad status to become a full-blown legend.

Stagger <i>Bee</i> plan - Free download - Outerzone


First, let’s remember that most people don’t put their daydreams out in front of a couple hundred thousand people to be laughed at like I’m about to do. Most are super low priority and many aren’t even close enough to a back burner to stay warm.

Clancy Aviation 72" B Lazy Bee Kit with 4.5"

Frankly, I’d never noticed that the existing curtains looked like WWI camouflage nets until she took them down. At one point, I had done a lot of thinking about it. It should be noted that the Lazy Bee’s so-ugly-it’s-cute looks wouldn’t be enough to make it a runway pop star unless it was also an incredible flyer.

Clancy lazy bee manual:

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