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First, let’s remember that most people don’t put their daydreams out in front of a couple hundred thousand people to be laughed at like I’m about to do. Most are super low priority and many aren’t even close enough to a back burner to stay warm.

Cutting Windows for Lazy Bee - YouTube

Frankly, I’d never noticed that the existing curtains looked like WWI camouflage nets until she took them down. At one point, I had done a lot of thinking about it. It should be noted that the Lazy Bee’s so-ugly-it’s-cute looks wouldn’t be enough to make it a runway pop star unless it was also an incredible flyer.

Cutting Windows for <em>Lazy</em> <em>Bee</em> - YouTube

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Then something trgers an interest button and they slide over onto a burner, come to a slow boil, then drift away to cool off again. The place needed a total cleaning, which is not one of my strong points.

B Lazy Bee plan - Free download - Outerzone

Usually they are forgotten for long periods of time.

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