Harris Falcon II ® AN/PRC-150C Hh Frequency Manpack Radio.

The transceiver’s extended frequency range (1.6–60 MHz) in combination with 16 kbps dital voice and data enables fixed frequency interoperability with other VHF FM CNRs.

Radio Operator Handbook -

The AN/PRC-150 I radio, refer to Fure 3-1, provides units with state of the art HF radio capabilities in support of fast moving, wide area operations.

Operational Concept And Procedures For Hf <i>Radio</i> In - PDF Text Files

AN/PRC-150 - RadioNerds

The AN/PRC-150 I and AN/VRC-104(V) 1 and (V) 3 vehicular radio systems, provide units with BLOS communications without having to rely on satellite availability on a crowded communications battlefield.

AN/PRC-150C Hh-Frequency Manpack Radio Application.

The systems’ manpack and vehicular confurations ensure units have reliable communications while on the move, and allow for rapid transmission of data and imagery.

Harris 150 radio manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates