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The transceiver’s extended frequency range (1.6–60 MHz) in combination with 16 kbps dital voice and data enables fixed frequency interoperability with other VHF FM CNRs.

AN/PRC-150 - RadioNerds

HF snals travel longer distances over the ground than the VHF (SINCGARS) or UHF (EPLRS) snals do because they are less affected by factors such as terrain or vegetation.

<i>Harris</i> Falcon II® AN/PRC-<i>150C</i> Hh Frequency Manpack <i>Radio</i>.

AN/PRC-150C Hh-Frequency Manpack Radio Application.

The AN/PRC-150 I and AN/VRC-104(V) 1 and (V) 3 vehicular radio systems, provide units with BLOS communications without having to rely on satellite availability on a crowded communications battlefield.

Harris Falcon II ® AN/PRC-150C Hh Frequency Manpack Radio.

The ALE HF radio addressed in this section was recognized at publication time as being used in the field but not necessarily representative of all the ALE HF systems.

Harris 150 radio manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates