How to Setup DDNS No-IP on TP-Link

It allows to direct the packets to specified destinations.

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Proper confuration of the router is the precondition for networking and Internet access. In general, router is a network device that is a communication node between the sending and receiving endpoint. Router creates a routing table or routing information base (RIB) that stores the best routes to certain network destinations, or the "routing metrics" associated with those routes, and the path to the next hop router.

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How to connect TP-Link 11G routers

In most cases, router acts as a specialized computer (replacing a standard computer) working in external network, with software and hardware tailored to the tasks of routing and forwarding. Example of assning a fixed IP address for TCP/IP protocol.

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The immense growth of the number of Internet users is the reason of remedial measures that overcome the limits of Ipv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). It means linking of internal network with a pool of "private" IP addresses to the public network. external network with Internet access (WAN) with local network (LAN), making a bridge for information exchange.

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