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Smooth out the rough edges a little bit and that's the way you use that device. Don't push your blade down in too hard like I did because you can curl the grinding wheels.

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Now if you are using a Japanese knife like this one, the Japanese chef's knife, this is ed a Fiskar Roll-Sharp. And what you do is you just run your knife, back and forth about ten or fifteen times. And over here about three or four times, the same way.

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And just pull your knife through and then at the other angle and pull it through. Now remember, when you're sharpening a knife like this, you are removing a little bit of steel each time. And if it is, then you take your honing steel and you wrap out the rough edges.

Oster Cutlery Sharpeners eBay

Jim Davis: Hi there, Chef, Jim Davis here for Harris Teeter.

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