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Yet, some vaccine research in the world of alternative medicine (but not accepted as legitimate by the mainstream medical community) shows some possible connections to autism. What are parents supposed to do when the CDC, AAP and virtually every doctor and academic medical institution in the country says, “You have nothing to worry about – continue to vaccinate according to the regular schedule,” but a friend, nehbor, or alternatively-minded doctor says “Wait – my child (or patient) regressed into autism 3 weeks after the one-year shots – don’t do it!

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” What do you do when you hear that story over and over and over again? doctor, I’ve wrestled with this decision in my practice. So I see all kinds of families with many different views on vaccines.

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Much of my day is spent as a general pediatrician, doing checkups, seeing sick kids, and, yes, giving vaccinations. I’ve had several patients develop autism without ever having any vaccines at all, but of course most of my patients with autism were vaccinated.

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Bob Sears’ upcoming work, The Autism Book: Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention coming in April 2010 from Little, Brown.) With the alarming rise in autism over the last 15 years, parents and doctors continue to search for causes and contributing factors. I do believe vaccines are important, some more than others.

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