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To make the book especially easy to use, plants are ed according to habitat: wet open places, woods and thickets, and dry open places.


Thus, accounts of herbalists, explorers, botanists, doctors, and scientists are accompanied by useful information about the plant’s range, common and scientific names, noncal physical description and more.

<em>South</em> <em>Texas</em> Tamaulipan Thornscrub <em>Restoration</em> Experiment.

Horticultural Use of Native Plants in South Texas - Caesar Kleberg.

The plants considered are native to eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, although some are also found as far south as Florida and Texas and as far west as the Pacific coast.

Publications - Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute - Texas.

Moreover, a detailed line drawing of the plant’s leaves, buds, tws, seeds, and other characteristic features accompanies the textual descriptions.

South texas natives restoration manual:

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