The SWORD Model of Counterinsurgency A. - Small Wars Journal

The representative of Canada’s DND states that the document was not obtained by an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Act request, Canada’s equivalent to the Freedom of Information Act, and that our reproduction of the document constitutes copyrht infringement.

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In May 2010, the manual was written about by Doug Saunders, a journalist working for the Globe and Mail who also reproduced the document in full.

The SWORD Model of Counterinsurgency A. - Small Wars Journal

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Under the legal provisions of Crown Copyrht, the Queen of the United Kingdom owns all works of the Canadian government as articulated in Section 12 of the Copyrht Act: 12.

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The idea of a government document being protected by copyrht may be confusing to those from the United States, where all works created by government employees in the performance of their official duties are incapable of copyrht protection under 17 USC § 105.

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