M-ATV MRAP interior KINETIC Eduard 36213

Bush’s Presidency began in the shadow of a contested and likely stolen election and promised to be unsuccessful in a largely forgettable and unremarkable way.

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911 changed all that and transformed a plodding, and essentially AWOL one termer into an accidental hero.

M-<em>ATV</em> <em>MRAP</em> interior KINETIC Eduard 36213

The Great Abbreviations Hunt – Stuart Bruce

He may be the Decider but his handlers have long known how to manipulate him. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice knew that once he has consulted his gut and perhaps his hher father his decision is forever.

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So whoever gets to him first is likely to carry the day because he doesn’t like to be challenged and is, quite simply, too lazy to change his mind.

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