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AREMA publishes standards and best practices for railway engineering.

Rail 4-3-6 AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering Fure 4-3-1.

The Manual consists of more than 5,000 pages of railway engineering reference material, the recommended practices for the industry.

<i>AREMA</i> 2010 <i>Volume</i> 1 - Scribd

Manual for Railway Engineering - AREMA

Current Edition - 2016 The Manual for Railway Engineering (MRE) is an annual publication released every April.

Introduction to Railway Structures - AREMA

The material is developed by AREMA cal committees and is published as a guide to railways in establishing their individual policies and practices relative to the subjects, activities and facilities covered in the Manual, with the aim of assisting them to engineer and construct a railway plant which will have inherent qualities of safe and economical operation as well as low maintenance cost.

Arema manual for railway engineering volume 2:

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