Ferguson FRG-R121D DAB Dital Radio

Ferguson FRG-R121D This is a FM/DAB mains operated radio.

How to mend it - How to mend Dab Radio - Free repair help

Having looked online it would appear this is a common problem. After a while of the mains, I tried again a couple of days ago and I get the same behaviour as you describe (popping noises, etc).

<em>Ferguson</em> <em>FRG-R121D</em> <em>DAB</em> Dital <em>Radio</em>

How to mend it - How to mend Ferguson - Free repair help

This product looks great but there is always a background hum which is really noticable when the volume isn't very hh or when listening to quiet music or spoken word. The display goes blank or partial symbols appear, it goes silent again and then randomly start popping again. It has always had a slht humming noise when on, but then the humming increased by a million times and no DAB station could be tuned into (FM really bad). I had it in the bedroom then in the kitchen with an extra speaker connected to it.

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On opening the case I immediately found two faults as detailed below the following two photos.

Ferguson dab radio frg-r121d manual:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates