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Though it lacks an integrated TV tuner, as found in the comparably priced , the zd8000's included external tuner has two sets of inputs.

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This is one b laptop, even for a desktop replacement, but its size affords it room enough for a full-size keyboard and number pad, a ton of slots and ports around the edges, and a 17-inch wide-screen display (plus a top-shelf ATI graphics card), so it's great for gaming, spreadsheets, and everything in between.

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But think twice about taking it out your front door: this notebook is beautiful, but at 9.5 pounds, it stretches the definition of portable.

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At $2,549 (as of December 2004), the Pavilion zd8000 is more expensive than shelling out for a standalone TV set, PVR, DVD player, and stereo, but it puts them all into one powerful box that you can fold up and move from room to room. The HP Pavilion zd8000 is a home theater that can travel from room to room.

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