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The remote will work on another fan as I have already tried it! Now the lht will not respond to the remote but it does work with the chain. My 82 year old Dad and I were ready to give up and buy a whole new fan. And since I live along and don't climb ladders to a cathedral ceiling, would have had to pay someone. My lht wouldn't turn on anymore, was driving me nuts ...

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Even if your remote doesn't look exactly like this one, they work on the same principle.

Repairing a <i>Hunter</i> <i>Fan</i> <i>Remote</i> Control -

Repairing a Hunter Fan Remote Control -

When the buttons on your fan remote control stop responding, or intermittently working. In addition to repairing the replacement, I was able to bring the old remote back from the dead. I have a problem opening my remote as there only seems to be 1 screw & I can't manage to open it up, beyond a mm where the screw was. I'm concerned I may break the casing trying to force it open with a screw driver... For some reason it no longer works for the lht but I can still turn the lht on with the pull chain. I went to change a burned out bulb and as I was unscrewing it it blew out and broke. Not the remote not longer works for the lht in that room either.

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I was thinking it is a damaged lht kit but if it is damage then why can I still turn it on with the chain. When I turned on the lht with the remote, a bulb blew out. I've used every combination of numbered switches in the remote, but the fan is dead. I was surprised when the fan came on, then I felt really good about it. Looking for my next repair with a whole bunch of confidence! You saved me more than $150 as quoted by Casablanca for parts alone.

Hunter ceiling fan remote 99600 manual:

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