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The Micro Cal 2000 Multifunction Calibrator is an advanced, multi-function calibrator representing the most versatile and powerful piece of calibration equipment on the market today.

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<em>Eurotron</em> <em>Microcal</em> 2000+ Multifunction Process Calibrator

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Combining the integral or external pressure supply (PM2000 module) to a snal calibrator, allows for complete ISO9000 calibration of virtually any system.

Eurotron Microcal 2000+ Multifunction Process Calibrator

Supporting software for DOS/Windows is included to transfer a selection of calibration routines from a PC to the internal memory of the Micro Cal 2000 Multifunction Calibrator to automate field calibrations; download logged data from internal memory to PC, and permit hy accurate temperature measurement with a calibrated Pt100.

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