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Philips Telephone MPo11133360615 Manual for Telefone: CD186 DUO, Ref.

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<em>PHILIPS</em> <em>ZENIA</em> 300 VOX <em>USER</em> <em>MANUAL</em> Pdf Download.

Zenia 300 vox handset Philips onis vox 300 User Manual.

The handset 2 Correct key - To correct a dit when predialling or a character when editing - A short press to go back one menu - A long press to return to idle mode when navating - To insert R for operator services when on line Line key - Press to take the line, answer a or hang up.

Philips Zenia 200 Duo User Manual Email Version

Philips zenia voice 200 manual Philips Zenia 200 6626 Voice Activated Cordless Telephone With Answer Machine.

Philips zenia 200 user manual:

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