Boston Acoustics adds The Horizon Trio CD Radio to

About the size of a cell phone, D-tags track the whales’ movements and record the sounds that whales make and hear in the oceans.

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Developed earlier this decade by WHOI engineer Mark Johnson and biologist Peter Tyack, Shapiro’s advisor, the tags have revolutionized the way scientists study marine mammals.

<em>Boston</em> <em>Acoustics</em>' <em>Horizon</em> <em>Trio</em> desktop music system makes its debut.

Boston Acoustics' Horizon Trio desktop music system makes its debut.

Here, in the expansive Tysfjord of northern Norway, Shapiro was set to use D-tags in the fall of 2006 to learn more about orca whales.

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“Please get ready to tag.” Shapiro, a student in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program was referring to the D-tag, a dital recording device affixed temporarily (and non-invasively) to whales with suction cups.

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