F & 228F Lantern Manual - Coleman help

The wire legs and pump that is held down by a bayonet mount rather than threaded down to provide a positive shutoff are cost saving features.

HS 500/700 - Hisun

Camp stove Model 4F was an economy model that sold for $4.45 when it was introduced in 1936.

<i>Coleman</i> US stoves mid-1930's - early-1950's

Coleman 500 Speedster stove made in Canada Coleman.

This stove, in John Stenda's collection, has an Everdur tank, cast iron legs and top that are enameled pale green.

Coleman Canada stoves

The Model 372 King Hot Plate dates to 1935 according to the 1965 Outing Products Manual.

Coleman model 500b manual:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates