Delco_Remy_Generator_Regulators pdf file; 13.510 MB

But my specialty was power lines; megawatts of power in kilovolt doses, crossing the prairies on shining towers of steel.

Diagnostic Procedures Manual - Delco Remy

Odd sort of confession for someone with a degree in Electrical Engineering to make.

Spark, Redux - Bowers Fly Baby

Manual - KAR Industries

About ten years ago, I had some problems with the generator on my Fly Baby. I've got it back going, but in the process, I learned a bit more about the Delco-Remy Generator-Regulator system.

Delco-Remy Alternator - Troubleshooting and Repair - YouTube

I have assembled this page not only to tell the story of fixing my airplane, but to provide additional reference material to aid others trying to trouble-shoot their problems.

Delco remy alternator service manual:

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