Galaxy Librarian & Editor - Mac OS 9 Lives

When installing the Galaxy 2.5.2 librarian program it gives me a weird error saying "10,-4".


I wanted to capture Preset voice names to load into SVP but something seems to be missing.

Vista X Studer Professional Mixing Consoles

Vista X Studer Professional Mixing Consoles

The Mac OS 9 Lives Forum will now be dedicated to...1) Installing, Maintaining, and Extending the functionality of Mac OS 92) Installing Dital Audio Software & Music/MIDI Hardware interfaces3) General questions for Mac OS 9 enthusiasts. C=N; O=A have the copy protection removed and they're legal The Editors program seems to launch OK but I can't get any of the editor modules to show up or load.

Mark Glinsky's Manual Manor Synthesizers &

I read in the manual that you must have the Librarian module installed for the Editor to work, so I thought I'd install the Librarian program which installs the modules file.

Digitech studio quad 2 manual:

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