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However, the Panasonic DMP-BD30 ushers in a new era, because it's the first dedicated deck launched in the UK to support discs with Profile 1.1 features, such as dual video/audio decoders that offer picture-in-picture and audio mixing. ' we hear you cry, ‘HD DVD had that since day one'.

Panasonic DMP-BD30 Review & Rating

The DMP-BD30 is the follow-up to Panasonic's superb-but-expensive DMP-BD10, but this time round the price tag is a lot more appetising.

Panasonic <i>DMP</i>-BD30 Review & Rating

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As a result it lacks its predecessor's hh-end sophistication and bomb-shelter build quality, but it's snazzy nonetheless.

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But despite Blu-ray's landslide victory, which brings much needed clarity to a confused market, the players themselves are still evolving - none of the ‘Profile 1.0' decks launched so far (apart from the upgradeable Play Station 3) supports the entire range of features that the format has to offer, which could be a real handicap if you're an avid film fan who wants to make the most of your movies.

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