The 2920 is enclosed in a black plastic case measuring 9.375” wide by 6.5” deep and 1.625” hh. All the ports and indicator lhts are on the front of the device, shown in Fure 1.

Draytek Vor 2920n Dual-WAN Security

The power cable has a smaller wall wart that plugs into an AC outlet. If you're power cycling a device, it is better to be able to use a switch than to have to pull out the cable and plug it back in.

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Firmware-update Draytek Vor2920 3.6.6 -

The Vor 2920 is a new router from Draytek, an update to the previously reviewed 2910.

Broadband Router - DrayTek Corp.

A “V” in the model name means the router has 2 FXS ports for Vo IP applications, and an “n” in the model name means the router has 802.11n wireless capability. Draytek s the 2920 a “Dual-WAN Security Router,” aptly identifying its key differentiating features of multiple WAN ports and a hy confurable firewall.

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