Galley Cooktops ENO Atoll One Burner Marine Stove

I am looking at either the two or three burner model with the oven. I hope you can find a way to try one out before buying one to see if you can be happy with one.

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Hello All, So I'm doing a major refit to my boat and I"m thinking of replacing my three burner and oven force 10 propane stove with an Oro alcohol stove.

Galley Cooktops ENO Atoll One Burner <strong>Marine</strong> <strong>Stove</strong>

Instruction Manual - S Marine

Lots of people are getting rid of kerosene gear and buying gas ..some strange reason !

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I'm looking for some feed back from people who have used and cruised with them. It takes forever to boil a pot on the alcohol stove.

Force 10 marine stove manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates