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Every job destined for on-press reproduction involves dozens of products, extensive communication, innumerable ques, and strict adherence to a long list of file construction guidelines.

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Whether you are a desner or output cian, a prepress operator or production specialist, you'll benefit from its clear, no-nonsense approach.

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Authors: Donnie O'Quinn Publisher: Que Keywords: manual, shop, hayden, publishing, print Pages: 800Published: 2000-02-03Language: English Category: Printing, Graphic Desn, Computers & Technology, ISBN-10: Print publishing is the most complex trade in the dital graphics industry.

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Written by a professional with over 10 years of in-the-trenches experience, it tackles the full range of issues required to succeed on the job. Throughout the book, you'll find explanations of the most frequent user errors, hundreds of clearly labeled fures, and thousands of factors that can make or break your bottom line.

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