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Provided when the Optic Sport was introduced Pending updated reprint, note exceptions/amendments for the Aurora: 1. 2) There is no need to remove the module, the Aurora TX does not transmit when used in SIM or Slave [T. All Slave TX must have own battery and be turned on, see notes below. DIY Cable - Do Not use a standard 3.5mm stereo cable in lieu of correct shape 3.2mm stereo plug.

Hitec Transmitter Radio Control & Control Line

#58321 TRAINER CABLE FULL PACKAGE (#58320 Slave DIN Master DIN) - For use between a 6 cell transmitter battery system and 8 cell transmitter battery system.

<i>HITEC</i> PRODUCT LINE - Jameco


(NB: All 8 cell type TX used as a Slave, must have own power supply, i.e.

Transmitter Tx Ni-Cad and Nimh Battery Packs - Maxx

This to prevent loss of connectivity from stress on plugs/sockets or accidental tugs on cable.

Hitec focus 4 manual:

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