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) Refer to attached Instructions and those at Hitec Trainer (Buddy) System Update - New "Stereo Plug" system and how to use. "[Pupil Mode]" appears 2nd line top left of Aurora screen in lieu of "SLV MODE", 3.

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#58321 TRAINER CABLE FULL PACKAGE (#58320 Slave DIN Master DIN) - For use between a 6 cell transmitter battery system and 8 cell transmitter battery system.

HitecAstro's 'Mount Hub Pro' -

RC Transmitter Guide The Basics of Computer Radio Systems

This to prevent loss of connectivity from stress on plugs/sockets or accidental tugs on cable.

HitecAstro's 'Mount Hub Pro' -

As with any trainer cable system, Master and student should hold a loop of cable against case as a strain relief.

Hitec focus 4 manual:

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