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As technology becomes more prominent in cars, consumers are finding it more difficult to understand all the new features. The report also noted that the first 30 days of ownership are critical as to whether drivers will take advantage of the features or not. Car dealers are partly to blame since new vehicle owners probably won't use a feature unless the dealer points it out to them.

Hyundai Sonata - Augmented Reality Owner's Manual.

Power and Associates survey from earlier this year revealed that at least 20 percent of respondents "never used" more than half of the features mentioned in the survey.

<i>Sonata</i> Brochure - Powered By Motorwebs

Sonata Brochure - Powered By Motorwebs

Users simply point their portable device's camera to a part of the car they want to learn more about, and the app hhts and delivers information on certain features.

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BMW and Volvo vehicles include paper owner's manuals, but also electronic, in-dash versions that let you search alphabetiy or by section. Now Hyundai has taken the concept one step further with its Virtual Guide app, which allows owners to use a smartphone or tablet to get interactive information on vehicle features via an augmented reality overlay.

Hyundai sonata user's manual:

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