LittleBPlanet 3 PlayStation 4 - Sales, , Cheats, Walkthrough.

Getting through the scenario levels is not a challenge, achieving 100% is.

LittleBPlanet PlayStation 3 - Sales, , Cheats, Walkthrough.

We've also got you covered with Prize Lists for each level and tons of multiplayer hints.

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LittleBPlanet 2 PlayStation 3 - Sales, , Cheats, Walkthrough.

This walkthrough is set to lead you through the levels and covers all of the bonuses that you can collect during the first run.

LittleBPlanet PS Vita PlayStation Vita - Sales, , Cheats.

If there is a need to replay the level in order to get to something, you will find a note about it at the end of the level description.

Little big planet english manual:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates