However, when it stopped moving it was pointing in completely the wrong direction and the cheers turned to hoots of laughter from my children and dark mutterings about boys toys from my wife!

Meade Instruments Corporation Instruction

Well, by the time we had the next clear nht, I had read and re-read the manual, and out we all trooped!

<i>Meade</i> ETX-80AT-TC <i>Telescope</i>, <i>Meade</i> EXT 80 Backpack Edition <i>Autostar</i>.

Cheers from the onlookers and I stood there grinning delhtedly.

Autostar Manual

I was also supposed to be selling these little marvels to eager astronomers like yourself, so I thought that I had better get familiar with the technology With that, I pressed the buttons and the scope whirred into life and started moving around!

Meade autostar telescope manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates