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Dear Meade ETX owner, You are probably tearing your hair out, as I was, trying to persuade your Meade ETX to set up quickly and easily, point at the objects you want to look at and give you a clear sharp image of the objects you want to see! Imagine how it was when I bought my very first ETX home and rushed outside on the first clear nht and with so much excitement, my family even came to take a look, as I extolled the virtues of this first computer driven telescope the future of astronomy I said!


Cheers from the onlookers and I stood there grinning delhtedly.

Demonstrating the <i>Meade</i> <i>Autostar</i> Handset -

Autostar Manual

I was also supposed to be selling these little marvels to eager astronomers like yourself, so I thought that I had better get familiar with the technology With that, I pressed the buttons and the scope whirred into life and started moving around!

Meade Telescopes Accessories for Meade ETX Telescope & Meade 497.

This time the scope whirred and moved and we all waited with bated breath and you guessed it!

Meade autostar telescope manual:

Rating: 96 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates