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We hypothesised that MRV is as effective as manual weaning in post-operative ICU patients.

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The primary endpoint of the study was the duration of the weaning process.

Unicare Medical Systems,<strong>Servo</strong>-300A

Unicare Medical Systems,Servo-300A

Secondary endpoints were levels of pressure support, RR, TV (m L), RR/TV, positive end expiratory pressure levels, Fi O In the intention to treat analysis there were no statistiy snificant differences between the 53 patients selected for each regarding gender (p = 0.541), age (p = 0.585) and type of surgery (p = 0.172).

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Reduction of automatic pressure support based on a target respiratory frequency or mandatory rate ventilation (MRV) is available in the Taema-Horus ventilator for the weaning process in the intensive care unit (ICU) setting.

Servo 900c ventilator user manual:

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